About "Tokushima Quatro Citrus Project"

"Tokushima Quatro Citrus" is
Through activities to explore the new possibilities of citrus fruits of Tokushima,
Aging, depopulation and decline of agriculture
It is a project that works on solving social problems.

Spread of citrus fruits with added value through commercialization
Encourage farmers, Encourage society, Encourage people
I'm aiming.

Tokushima and Citrus

Tokushima Prefecture, located on the east side of Shikoku, is surrounded by the sea and mountains and is blessed with rich nature. Tokushima is also a large-scale production area of fragrant citrus fruits such as yuzu, sudachi, yuko and Awa suzuka.  These fragrant citrus are also known as vinegar oranges, and are characterized by a refreshing smell and sour taste.


Originating from China, Yuzu(citrus junos) is Japan's oldest citrus, and remains in the Asuka and Nara period books. Tokushima has the second largest yuzu production in Japan, and not only fruits and vegetables but also many processed products are sold. Sudachi (citrus sudachi hort)is a closely related species of yuzu and has a unique smell. The first appearance of Japanese books in 1709 was described by the name Liman.

About "Yuko"

Yuko(Citrus Yuko) is a natural cross between Yuzu and Daidai, and almost 100% is from Tokushima prefecture.  The sour taste is mild, and after harvest in autumn, when stored in a cool dark place, the sugar content increases without decay. Awa-Suzuka is a brand new citrus citrus that was registered in 2017. Awa-Suzuka is a sweet fruit-like citrus with an artificial cross between Yuzu and Sudachi, and characterized by no bitter taste on the peel.

Why now we are working on Yuko?

Yuko is called to be a visionary fruit because of its small amount of production and its unique features. Yuko contains a lot of flavonoids not only in the peel but also in the juice, and the confectioner Sozen in Kyoto is using the peel and juice to make warabi porridge.

Craft beer

Yuko is also used in craft beer and has a fruity taste. Kamikatsu town is also engaged in zero waste activities, and it is a delicious, socially meaningful beer that gets its scent from the peels of Yuko. There is also blend beer of yuko and indigo.


The most classic use of yuko juice is sushi vinegar.  In Tokushima mountain area including Kamikatsu, sushi using yuko vinegar is "a home-style taste"


Yuko has come to be widely used in confectionery such as chiffon cake and cheese cake. Yuko, which increases in sugar content after harvest, also helps to cut sugar when making sweets.  The gentle flavor and taste of yuko will be utilized in various places in the future.